The deliverable
The following pieces of media were completed as part of Stanford's ME101 class. The full, final deliverable was a website, which can be viewed at this link. The goal of this final project was to "squash a bug"—to solve a day-to-day issue with a physical product.
All of the renders created for this were completed within a 24 hour timespan, as they were technically "extra" materials and not essential to the assignment.
Solution renders
The above renders were created in order to communicate and display the form, appearance, materials, and function of the solution.
Video demo
A set of animated renders were created to demonstrate how the product works. This helped provide the audience/potential "investors" a visual exhibition of function.
GIF version of video
Sometimes, short GIFs are more to the point as they can be looped quickly on a website. This repetition helps reinforce the function/purpose of the product.
Design process diagrams
Finally, design-process diagrams were created in order to visually aid the description of the design process. Full descriptions can be found on the product website.
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