Final results
The goal of these renders was to contextualize the form of card tower into a city as if it were a real building. Obviously, functionally speaking there are some issues (access to rooms, entrance/exit), but the idea of 6 foot tall gummy bears walking around was enough to convince me to do it.
Part of the challenge was to create an instruction manual that explained how to assemble the tower. For this, I quickly put together an explanation that was balanced with diagrams and visual elements.
An example tower
There are a few key restrictions to keep in mind: there is a maximum number of 58 cards available, the tower must reach 30 cm of height, and scissors must be incorporated into the design in one way or another (structurally or aesthetically).
Design process
Given the limitation of 54 cards, I created a module that used 1.25 cards. This allowed for multiple "stories" and small units that scaled well with the gummy bears.
From there, a form was created using a series of array transformations. Each column was offset and then reach row was offset to give the building a structural form.
...but why?
Life keeps me busy, but sometimes I decide to run with an idea and see it through in order to practice getting things done quickly. Not perfectly, but quickly. In the end, this project helped me increase my skills but also taught me to avoid some of the more time consuming—and less necessary—aspects of rendering.
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